I go salsa dancing with my confusion.

Hi, I'm Angela.

I mostly reblog pics & gifs relating to Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel the Series and the Whedonverse, as well as Orange is the New Black, Community and Orphan Black. Also, I'm very passionate about LGBT matters, feminism, gender and sexual equality.

I do not own the rights to anything posted on this tumblr, unless I state otherwise.

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Jeff/Annie + Halloween

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10 times fred/wesley broke my heart

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The outfit makes the woman


When I saw this:


I couldn’t help but think of this:


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make me choose

camercnbriel asked: Spangelus or Spangel  Spangel(us)

"They were hanging out for years and years and years […] Are we thinking they never…?” - Joss Whedon (5x15 A Hole in the World commentary)

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buffy rewatch ❉ becoming part one

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Happy Birthday Tara Maclay ♡

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this was the best ending to any movie ever. ever. 

no one can convince me otherwise. 

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